Kiswahili Teacher September 2005

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Kiswahili Teacher September 2005

Africa at Night

After your long summer recess, we hope you are ready for another Swahili word.

We will let you off easy. The word is:

Tochi (pronounce: Torchee)

To shed some light: yes of course, it means Flashlight.

In Africa, (not just on Safari,) we never leave home without it. Power cuts are frequent and may find you all soaped up in the tub. Even the best campfire fades in the wee hours to give way to the mysterious night noises of the bush. You may just want to have a look, peek out of your tent. It is not unlikely to spot a passing Hyena, even a Lion or maybe just chase away the night-zebra (mare).

Fumbling for the unfamiliar lantern will by now have you in a sweat of fear. If only you had asked for a “tochi” to put under your pillow….

Happy travels!

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy