“Chickensoup” rewards

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“Chickensoup” rewards

We LOVE to hear from our visitors and supporters!

To us your words are the encouragement and incentive to strive harder towards our goal of beating extinction at the finish line.

Here’s another short excerpt of a recent letter received that we’d like to share:

If a picture tells a thousand words then those taken by your many visitors must fill entire storybooks already.

It’s so incredibly peaceful that it is dangerously easy to forget why “Iris’ Ark” was brought to life in the first place, but it is such a great encouragement to see that the majority of your visitors understand that these amazing creatures live there for so much more a reason than mere entertainment.

Thank you for allowing me to visit the Conservancy and Orphanage. I will treasure those days with Jane and “the guys” forever.

(signed) LILLY

And here is another letter:

I wanted to express my gratitude for Iris Hunt’s story about Mary the Elephant. I recently found this article as I was researching pictures of elephants on the internet for a painting.

When I first moved to Los Angeles a little over a year ago there was a photography show called Ashes and Snow. The photos are large sepia prints depicting the sacred relationship between animals and people. Beautiful pictures of elephants were among the first images I saw. The gallery was dark and full of people and suddenly I found myself crying looking at these elephants. This had never happened to me before and it was overwhelming. The photos of the other animals were also beautiful but every time I saw the elephants my eyes filled with tears. The feeling was of awe, sadness, and joy looking at them. Your story about Mary brought all of those emotions back for me to experience again.

Storytelling has always been important for human beings and good stories are of critical importance as our world is changing. Stories fertilize the imaginations of humanity and give us the freedom and strength to believe that we can accomplish anything. Thank you for sharing your true story, it inspires me.

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy