The Chaircat’s Letter of December 2006

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The Chaircat’s Letter of December 2006

My Dear Friends, with the holiday season in full swing and the New Year on the doorstep I have much good news to report.

At long last it has now been confirmed that one small group of Bongo still survives on Mount Kenya. The group are reported to live in a remote area of dense forest, almost impenetrable to man. They have managed to remain hidden there undetected for almost ten years. The Conservancy’s work to breed the mountain bongo for the eventual return to Mount Kenya is progressing well and now becomes more important than ever.

Research is ongoing and we will keep you informed in our bongo rehabilitation segment.

The other good news I have for you concerns our striped friends, the rare white Zebra. A group of 50 of these magnificent animals gets to celebrate the New Year in the freedom of Mount Kenya National Park where their ancestors are reputed to have roamed. The release of this first group comes after thirty years of selective breeding of these rare beauties. It is a milestone to celebrate at our Conservancy.

Here at the animal orphanage we have seen our share of positive changes and improvements. Mores space has been allocated to accommodate more orphans. The kitchen had a makeover. Under Drs. Sayers’ and Murugi’s guidance and Fundi’s supervision our distinctive care programs for individual species of orphaned or injured animals has been streamlined and facilities improved.

A new home has been constructed to accommodate the porcupines (Shamba raiders now in rehab!!) Meanwhile several of our orphanage “graduates” have successfully been released back to the wild. Several new orphans were rescued and settled into their safe heaven.

Recent arrivals include several “bottle babies” keeping us busy.

It is a joy watching our devoted animal caregivers turn a frightened motherless starved and listless little wild animal into the happy and delightful youngsters romping the greens at the Orphanage.

Our very own new Cheetah enclosures have been upgraded to suit our needs better and improve chances of our as yet unsuccessful attempts of “starting a family”.

We are now able to move between four different areas. Summonsed by the charms of the ever graceful Cheetah ‘Diana’ we are able to visit when called upon, and feline favors are now more frequently granted to Bill and myself, so-to-speak! Watch this space for more ‘intimate’ announcements. (If need be we too may have to turn to Namibia to adopt!!)

On behalf of all our friends here at the Animal Orphanage, be it human, primate, feline, equine, striped, spotted or even “quilled,”, we wish all our family of friends and supporters a wonderful holiday season in the hopes that the New Year will shower us all with peace, love and success.

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy