Wildlife Artist Denis Murphy

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Wildlife Artist Denis Murphy

Our friend Denis Murphy the famous wildlife Artist just visited our Green Page:


Here’s what he had to say:

I had a look at the green page with the story of the two Brandys. She is too adorable for words.

And the picture of the “injured” policeman is priceless.

As to the previous two babies being eaten, I have heard about this happening in various animals including dogs & the explanation was that it occurs if the young are born with a defect. (We once adopted a baby rock pigeons that had been repeatedly thrown out of the nest by the mother.

Later, when it could fly, it kept colliding with things and we discovered it was blind in one eye.


Denis is of course a great friend and supporter of the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy. His famous wildlife paintings include many of our animals and are seen in collections the world over.

Painting of Cheetah by Wildlife Artist Denis Murphy

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